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Do this by checking the GlobalProtect icon in the system tray. Click the 'carrot' up arrow to view hidden icons. 8. If GlobalProtect is connected, you'll see a similar Earth/Shield icon. 9. If GlobalProtect is not connected, you'll see a greyed-out globe like this. Click this button and click 'Connect' on the following screen.


to change this on the portal, go to network tab>globalprotect>portals>choose the portal>from globalprotect portal configuration screen, click on agent>select relevant option under configs>click on app tab>the option is called "display ipsec to ssl fallback notification" by default this is set to yes, change to no>click on ok>click on ok.

When using GlobalProtect VPN, the service is set to time out after 3 hours of inactivity from you in the VPN tunnel. The service is also set to timeout after 12 hours of connection, after which you will be required to re-login to reconnect. ... Global Protect will send a notification (Android) or display the VPN icon in the status bar (iOS.

Global Services Settings IPv4 and IPv6 Support for Service Route Configuration Destination Service Route Device > Setup > Interfaces Device > Setup > Telemetry Device > Setup > Content-ID Device > Setup > WildFire Device > Setup > Session Session Settings Session Timeouts TCP Settings Decryption Settings: Certificate Revocation Checking.

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If the Palo Alto is configured to use cookie authentication override:. Verify the RADIUS timeout: Open the Palo Alto administrative interface and navigate to Device > Server Profiles > RADIUS. Select the RADIUS server that you have configured for Duo and adjust the Timeout (sec) to 60 seconds and the Retries to 1.. Verify whether this happened only the first time a user logged in.

Authentication time out is calculated as ( GlobalProtect timeout - 5 ). The GlobalProtect timeout should be the same as or greater than the total time that any server profile allows for connection attempts. The total time in a server profile is the timeout value multiplied by the number of retries and the number of servers. The radius server.